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Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
jobs, jobs, jobs. there appears to be a great deal of economic pressure on both sides of the atlantic driving some motivation toward a possible free trade deal, but again, there were other foreign policy issues, including afghanistan and, particularly, syria on the agenda. >> what about this free trade deal? >> there is talk right now of actually getting negotiations going formally sometime this coming summer. within two years, that is the time frame they are talking about, officials right now, of having some sort of deal in place, but there are huge hurdles on the way. there's been talk of a free- trade agreement for a long time. many people thought it would be dead. it appears to be revived with great economic pressure to get it going. >> thank you very much for that. >> last year, the white house announced a big strategic shift, what it calls it pivot to asia, as a response to the rise of china. >> the implications in europe for just as profound. many feared it was just as much a pivot away from old allies. >> john kerry is saying europe is more important than ever. here's more on
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
-- belay fears. >> trade that is fair and free across the atlantic supports millions of good-paying american jobs. >> but in a bitterly divided washington, president obama will have his work cut out for him if he wants to push his agenda through. >> well, that trans-atlantic free-trade zone has long been a goal for the european union. after years of very little progress, the e appears to -- the eu appears to have an ally in what has. >> president obama announced the start of trade negotiations on a trade deal. brussels said talks could begin before summer. if successful, those negotiations would result in the biggest financial trade deal ever. >> the eu and u.s. already trade some 2 billion euros worth of goods and services every day. about 1/3 of total global commerce. president obama wants to bring that commerce into what would be the world's biggest free trade zone. the european commission says that would have world wide applications. >> which translates into tens of billions of euros every year and tens of thousands of new jobs. this offers us a great perspective at a time when
Feb 27, 2013 5:00pm PST
lideraty atlante queda en segundo lugar y. >atlante queda en segundo lu> lugar tatlante queda en segund lugambiÉn atlante queda en segundo lugar atlante queda en segundo luga. >atlante queda en segundo lu> lugar teatlante quea en segund lugabatlante queda en segundo regresamos a los estudios. >> gracias antonieta collins. >> bueno, podrÁ ser juzgado el bepapa benedicto xvi cuando de de ser papa?. >> acÁ las respuestas de ustedes e en twitter sobre los corridos e dedicasdos al policÍa asesino, s siga con o ♪. desde q jorsep racinguer ques t estÁ con papa ahora pierde la r protecciÓn legal que lo ampara y devamos con los detalles con j joaquÍn fuetnntes, . >> ki¿quiÉn iba a pensar que enl uini inicio de este enomre maremoto q que ha recibido la iglesia, t estuvo en mÉxico con la renuncia de ex sacedortes que empezaron hablar. >> la carta enviada al papa por 8 ancianos, coclncluir'a el 28 febrero, se hablabana de los u abusos serxuales que habÍan r b recibido. >> casi desde la fundaciÓn de la insttend i instictuciÓn. >> kunatan¿cuÁnto hubiera gan l iglesia al saber que hab
Feb 10, 2013 6:30pm EST
. the clouds are rolling in and they will eventually produce some ran across the mid- atlantic. temperatures outside the belfort furniture weather center, 41 at dulles. 37 in lexington park. here are the clouds rolling in that will stick around all night long. we will eventually see rain later tonight. temperatures falling into the 30's and low 40's. full details coming up, pamela. >> the d.c. national guard said goodbye to their families and friends today in an emotional farewell. clause later joins us live from there. they are heading -- roz plater joins us. they will be going to guantanamo bay. >> even though the war is in iraq and afghanistan are winding down, there are still men and women making tremendous our prices in the war on terror. -- tremendous sacrifices. the 372nd military police battalion of the d.c. national guard has a new marching orders. destination -- guantanamo bay detention center. captain ford is a d.c. police officer who will put his skills to work in a very different venue. >> i am a company commander and i am an instructor in the police academy. >> th
Feb 13, 2013 4:30am EST
for tonight as it makes its way to the mid-atlantic, maybe a coating to an inch, baltimore, and new york city, half an inch. that's this time tomorrow. as i said, not really a huge deal. very nice day in the west, by the way. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. austin texas has 65 and sunny. albuquerque, 46. there is pretty nice weather out there, a little chilly with new mexico's standards. baltimore, again, a chance of rain and snow showers will be later today. >> and i'll have an update on the forecast for that weekend storm coming up. >> all right. thanks so much, bill. >>> well, straight ahead, no power and just a handful of working toilets equals misery for 4,000 carnival cruise passengers. >>> plus, a fresh senator getting slapped down by veteran colleagues. "early today" is back in two minutes. >>> welcome back. here are some other stories making news this morning. chuck hagel is one step closer to becoming secretary of defense. the senator armed services committee approved his nomination along party lines 14-11. hea
Feb 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
disappeared a few years ago. the atlantic monthly where we began our careers and moved to washington. that was -- that was bad enough. that was bad enough. now i discovered that the bar was also a ameristar career along the way is gone, too. i went to dinner someplace. it wasn't the ritz. i said, where is the real roots? they said no, you mean the tosh. very unsettling. thank god the boston public library lives. makes it all the more grateful for us to be here. they cue. still, the hub of american culture. by the acoustics working now? okay. good. well, tracy and i, we worked on eight books together. this one was different i was simply describe, i read what he wrote. he wrote again and we talked some more. eventually the book began to emerge. a futures dollar was looking in vain at his main issues for evidence. it is that that we destroy the evidence. there is no evidence. as he likes to point out, my handwriting is legible. there were useless. in any case, the spoken word. of the course of nearly 40 years writing and editing nonfiction and we decided to write some down. the result is a co
Feb 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
good for stocks. chris christie brings online gambling to new jersey in order to throw atlantic city a life line and collect some revenue sos they can cut tax rates across the board for everybody. this is "the kudlow report" and we begin right now. >>> before we jump in let me give you my continuing optimistic view of this market. yes the fed remains easy. that's huge. you know what else? the there are is strong. no interests in gold. good numbers on homes sales, consumer confidence and core capital goods. profits are rising modestly and finally my contrary view that the budget cutting sequester which will limit government is pro growth for the economy and winds up being pro wealth creation for stocks. i think the sequester is part of the market's rally and that sequester is only two days way. the markets know all about it. so i'm still playing this from the optimistic side. let us get into focus on that very sequester. cnbc contributor robert costa joins us live from washington. he has the latest news on the sequester. there's some weird stuff going on out there. help me. first of all
Feb 3, 2013 11:35pm PST
ni niners. >>> atlante derrotÓ a monterrey. >>> con igual marcador de 3 por 1. puebla venciÓ a monarcas. se sacuden la derrota que sufrieron contra cruz azul en la jornada cuatro. >>> rebaÑo sagrado empatÓ con san luis en casa. las chivas y san luis todavÍa no saben lo que es ganar. >>> ge ayers no pudieron. >>> vealarde perdiÓ la oportunidad de anotar un penal, 0-0 terminÓ el encuentro. >>> felicidades a baltimore, de regreso a estudios. >>> calientan los motores del carnav carnaval de rÍo de janeiro.
Feb 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
ago the atlantic monthly began our career in the washington that was bad enough. now i discovered the bar which also flourished our carrier along the way. last year i went to dinner but it wasn't the riffs ritz. they said you meant the taj. thank god of the boston public library. are the acoustics working now? >> we worked on eight books together. up to this point it is described we talked some more and the book that we looked for emerged. the scholar looking at the manuscript some isn't that we destroyed the evidence. there is no evidence. we haven't left a paper trail. the marks i made on the pages are useless and in any case i prefer the spoken word over the 40 years we learn about writing and editing nonfiction and we try to write them down with the collaboration of meaning this time i had to do some work. all books pose a problem for the writer the end of this one had to do with the two writers they often talk about the point of view. what was the point of view here? who was telling the story? one thing we can clear about the start i can comfortably used the word we. but the plur
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
it across the atlantic? today, it was revealed that pope benedict will retain his honorific title of his holiness nd be known as pope emeritus after he advocates. -- abdicates. when global events this really is, the resignation of a pope. it has not happened for 600 years. the whole place is swarming with foreign tv crews. theally, the audience of pope is a relatively low-key affair. but interest in attending wednesday's event was so great that they had to move it. there are thousands of shares already laid out. 35,000 people have already booked tickets to attend. and that number is expected to grow. intense interest not only around the world, but here in rome as well. because the pope is also the bishops in rome. i'm standing at the moment on the territory of the italian republic. this ground is italy. on the other side of this fence, it is the independent state of the vatican city. we are not allowed to take our cameras. you get a sense of the separations that are already under way. the following day will be his last day in office. he will have a private meeting with the cardinals
Feb 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
still snowing in new england. over cape cod, a wintry mix. moisture coming in off the atlantic ocean. snow in the coastal areas, but it does extend into the hudson river valley. there is lake-effect snow in pennsylvania. not everybody got sun today. we were lucky in baltimore, maryland. we had some clouds this morning. some really good weather to the west of us. if the was the high today. the sunshine certainly helped -- 50 was the high today. the sunshine certainly helped. the morning low was 39 degrees. by midnight, we could be a little chillier than that. right now, 39 is the reading at the airport. 41 at cambridge. 40 five in ocean city. 35 at parkton. in oceanderick -- 45 city. 35 at parkton. 37 at frederick. the windchill is making it seem a little chillier here the winds are gusting through the 20's -- chillier. the winds are gusting through the 20's. this drifted down from pennsylvania. here is the weather up in parts of new england. this area of high pressure is coming in. weather.s whether -- this has to pass over us tomorrow. my back here? a new storm developing, coming ou
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
- &pteameddup with tte mid-atlantic make-a-wish foundation.a pprtion of the proceedd will go to make-a-wish on these collectable footballs.only 5-ttousaan will e mmde.. they've got the complete 20-12 schedule with results.and of ccurse speccal place for super bowl 47. here's hoo you can purchase these limited edition dot com or call 1-800-o spoots - proceeds go to benneit thh te make-a-wish foundation right hereein thh mid-atlantic peeion. thanks for watching...have a ggeat night... night...
Feb 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
once past midnight. as we look up the mid-atlantic, that is where this precipitation is going and take a look. it's running into some very cold air. once again, thingland being saturated with more -- new england is saturated with more snowfall, what they don't need considering what they have been dealing with and this is going to head up. the mid-atlantic definitely being impacted by that rain that we dealt w. i talked about the temperatures and this is a look at the highs today, below the seasonal average. anywhere from three to five degrees. we have 46 at reagan national airport; 43 at dills; and 45 at -- dulles, and 45 at bwe- thurgood marshal. currently, we're near that whole temperature range into where we were for our daytime highs and it's 45 now at d.c.; 43 at quantico and 43 at winchester and cumberland to the west. 43 at frederick and gaithersburg. you can see the cooler air in the mid-atlantic and why they running into that precipitation into that snow and changing into rain and that. 36 degrees for overnight low and once again, showers possible as we move into the over
Feb 18, 2013 8:30am EST
170-year-old tradition as it joins 11 nations in the signing of the atlantic defense treaty. president truman keynotes our position, which for the first time binds this country to a military agreement during days of peace. >> if there is anything certain today, if there is anything inevitable in the future it is the will of the people of the world for freedom and for peace. >> the north atlantic treaty organization, nato, has its roots in the outset of the cold war. the goal of its 1949 charter was to safeguard the freedom and security of its member states. at the time that meant preventing the eastern block from creeping westward. >> that was the original reason and i call that nato 1.0. so for 40 years really, during the entire cold war, the purpose of nato was to protect western europe against the possibility of soviet military, or indeed, ideological conflict. (military marching music) >> this small group of men in the kremlin had long ago dedicated themselves to the spread of communism by all possible means. they control russia. they'd planned to control europe and the world. >> t
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2013 12:00am EST
competition from neighboring states, atlantic citys facing rapidly shrinking revenue. their once $1.5 billion gambling industry is only half that in the last few years. maybe letting blackjack fans bet from the bac is the saving grace. new jersey state assemblyman john amadeo, i hope i said that right. is cosponsor of the bill that just passed. currently on the gaming oversight committee. thanks for being with us, assemblyman. tell us what is the three great things you like about the new online gambling law in your state? >> dennis, thanks for having me on. i just think this is an opportunity, online gaming the internet gaming bill has been a work in progress, as far back as 2010. we know that governor christie vetoed the original legislation in 2011 and this assembly bill went in front of him back a month ago, almost 50 days ago and on februarith he made three -- february 7th, he made three, five strong recommendations that were conditionally vetoed, recommendations on the gernor's behalf to actually make it a better piece of legislation and we were all on a bipartisan, you know, on
Feb 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
tasselmyer. >> at chilly day across the mid- atlantic and here in maryland. the cloud cover keeping temperatures below normal. actually start to the morning. the record high -- only 64. one of the coolest record highs we have on the books for baltimore. 64 is not that warm, but it is the warmest it has ever been on this day, back in 19 04. rain across the carolina's. rain and snow in the midwest. both of those expected to combine into one powerful east coast storm. where the two systems come together, that is for the hardest hit areas will be, and that is expected to be off the coast of new jersey, new york, and boston and down east main. we will be on the southern fringe of that. we will probably get some of it. notice the temperature is 31 now? that is important. 33 parked in. 40's in southern maryland. these areas close to the freezing point tonight, slippery conditions are possible with light precipitation tonight. that is why the national weather service has issued a one told -- winter weather advisory. light snow or sleet developing late tonight. i think for the evening, we ar
Feb 23, 2013 11:15pm EST
length to hit the three and saint joes defeats gw71-59. the colonials strap to 6-7 in atlantic 10 play. >>> coming up, alex ovechkin has his choice of hats to wear as he finds it against the devils. next.  here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios . >>> alex ovechkin is no stranger to scoring goals. he texted to talk about how the puck doesn't seem to want to go in the net and it's going to come and boy did it come. we start with john carlson and joe ward into mid-season form and in case nationals need help. the first period, no score and puts on the brakes, and he sees ovechkin for the one-timer and with that sixth of the year and hopes for the save. had 21 saves on the day. the third period, tied at 1 and with that cross to obie and beats headburg, the second of the game, 7th of the season. caps in front 2-1 and two plus minutes -- minutes later and loses it behind the neck. wrapped around and scores the first short-handed goal of the season
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
the mid-vents in atlantic region, except it was on water. students spend the day on rowling equipment. some are high schoolers. power colombians were among those -- para-olympians were among those competing. the winners of today's event compete in the world indoor rowing championship in boston in two weeks. live coverage on espn. >> we are there. >> we're looking at light snow outside right now. live super doppler radar. head over to montgomery county. hardly anything to look at. we are looking at lighter snow across northwest d.c. then it moves into prince william county and heads northeast. good news, the snow will taper off into fleury's overnight. temperatures will fall into the 20's.
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
the mid- atlantic. there you go. you can see it is kind of patchy but we are getting some echos there with our radar off to the west and i'm in the sure how much is touching the ground. if you are one of our views are out into the western communities like out towards front royal or to the south and west down towards culpeper and even charlottesville, if you are getting any snow, let me know. temperature are cold enough to support some winterer weather and later this morning, early this afternoon, we'll probably see a period of light wintry mix around here, maybe snow and sleet and maybe a transition to freezing rain and eventually rain for the rest of us as we get into the late afternoon, early evening. temperatures will gradually warm up later today and we should eventually top out in the mid-30s. reagan national has bumped just above the freezing mark, 33 degrees. the entire region with the exception of reagan national, it seems to do its own thing, is below 32. 30 at dulles and bwi marshall. looking at our advisories, nothing locally. i know we've got viewers out to the west and yo
Feb 3, 2013 11:35pm EST
, lewis se retira con su segundo de anillo de campeÓn. los cuervos ganaron a los ni niners. >>> atlante derrotÓ a monterrey. >>> con igual marcador de 3 por 1. puebla venciÓ a monarcas. se sacuden la derrota que sufrieron contra cruz azul en la jornada cuatro. >>> rebaÑo sagrado empatÓ con san luis en casa. las chivas y san luis todavÍa no saben lo que es ganar. >>> ge ayers no pudieron. >>> vealarde perdiÓ la oportunidad de anotar un penal, 0-0 terminÓ el encuentro. >>> felicidades a baltimore, de regreso a estudios. >>> calientan los motores del carnav carnaval de rÍo de janeiro. qui. >>> terminamos en un buen destino, brasil miles de personas asistieron a un colorido desfile cerca de la playa de rÍo de janeiro, antes del inicio del carnaval el 8 de febrero. los interpretes del grupo musical vestÍan los colores del desfile, la banda tocaba mientras se abrÍa paso por las calles. la fiesta rinde homenaje a la diosa del mar. >>> les deseamos una feliz semana, nos vemos aquÍ con mÁs informaciÓn, que descansen. >>> noticiero univisiÓn,
Feb 26, 2013 11:00pm PST
tijuana contra corinteans (información en pantalla) los tusos se impusieron a los potros del atlantes y el 6 de marzo de ven las caras nuevamente. >> los hidrorayos se pusieron por 4 y galindo dice: >> que no es un clasico pumas tiene el prestigio y será un partido interesante. >> en el premundial sub 20 cuba elimino a costa rica y se gano el pasaje a turquia. muchísimas gracias y buenas noches. >> veamos el clima con guillermo quiroz. >> muchísimas gracias buenas noches feliz martes. >> acá vemos nubosidad pero vemos aún la luna llena en california
Feb 4, 2013 9:30pm PST
atlantic city. going to atlant cit i ticed my brehing was getting shallow. i was mildly hyperventilating, and, umm... i sort of talked myself out it. i practiced my breathing techniques and everying, and it went away quicker than it usually would. in that situation bere, i would have pulled over, but fr coming here and learning what i learned and knowing what i know fr h but fr coming here and i was able to handle it. as he surveys a nearby college mpus, patrick fantasizes about his futu life as a student. thit wouea tt scary but i would adjustt. you'd say, "thi har th afterhile, i'd sa "this geasier a eie my csses," d probat tting e homework do there i thinking that would... it's lik two different op, like i was a k last week and adult this ek i'm a t more assertive, go places alone easier. now there's a reald ho that i'll geto g college. while therare similaries among most psychotherapi, the difference between using psychological treatments and medication is signicant. when to use ese two forms of treatment d n remains a difficult and often sensitive issue. some of thantianxiety mediti
Feb 26, 2013 4:30am EST
potentialality. >> today across the south and the mid atlantic they are expecting severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. the mid atlantic is us. >> it's headed right for us. >> we are not going to be to be -- we are not going to be in on the snowy part. let's look at what's going on because we can see the system back off towards the west. this will trek towards the north and east going through time. and with that we will put down some rain. let's show outtemperatures right now. we will switch over and you can see what's going on because getting you out the door this is what you have to contend with. we are chilly and will be dealing with a chilly rain. temperatures at 30 degrees sykesville at 29. more in arnold and we have patchy fog in some spots. we have the humidity at 100%. let's go back over to the map and i will show youway going on as we look at the most accurate future trend. i will put it in motion. you can see when the precip against. now one -- begins. now one this afternoon and maybe around noon, but at the onset of the precip we could see a little sleet mixing in with this.
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm EST
aprobÓ que el colegio de cardenales atlante la fecha para como voc ar el cÓnclave que eligirÁ al su ce sores el Último dÍa es el jueves, pero antes benedicto aceptÓ la reinundas de un importante cardenal y se reuniÓ con otross para hablar sobre la informaci informaciÓn secreta del vaticano que se filtrÓ a los medios, rogelio estÁ desde el vaticano eres atlante. >>> asÍ es josÉ, entreno poca polÉmica se consume poco a poco el pontificado de benedicto, el papa renuncia al trono el jueves y para preso raro su relevo hizo un documento papal que quiere decir que lo ha hecho bajo su propia voluntad y en Él le da la autorizaciÓn a cardenales a que adelanten el clon clave e. >>> se acerca el fin del pontificado y aÚn es incierto cuando comenzarÁ el cÓnclave del que surgirrÁ el sucesor. >>> y aunque hoy el vaticano peso revelÓ carta elaboro Á por el papa que autoriza a los cardenal azo adelantar la fecha de la elecciÓn. >>> principal lotto que establece es la protestado de que adelanta cuando estÁn presentes en roma. >>> y congresogencia de cardenales que comenzarÁn a reuni
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
storm will form close enough to the atlantic ocean it pulls in heavy rain and as that transition is taking place maybe even a rumble of thunder for us as the new storm takes over. here's what you should expect tomorrow. it's mostly a wet evening commute. it may be heavy enough to cause some flooding of small streams and creeks. at 8 a.m. if we see anything, it would be very spotty and a light mix to our west. our temperature here locally 35, 43 at noon with showers developing and chilly rain at 4:00, temperature 41. more on that forecast and any other rain chances a bit later. >>> a man accused of killing a high school student is behind bars. 18-year-old marckel ross gunned down last september walking to school in capitol heights. 20-year-old travon bennett has been charged with the murder. ross was killed during an attempted robbery. ross was one of six prince george's county students killed this school year. tonight neighbors and parents gathered to mourn and ask police for help. fox 5's lauren demarco has the story. >> police say some of the deadly violence stems from gang issues
Feb 19, 2013 7:30am EST
thunderstorms quickly moving towards the atlantic coast, so we should be seeing conditions recovering for many of you in the east. however, temperatures are going to be sinking. anywhere you see in this purple, this is going to send a little bit further towards the south. chicago, minus 6. that's your high today. minus 23 in winnipeg. ahead of that storm, new york city rising up to 8 degrees today after a very chilly day on your monday. let's go now to europe. things are looking fairly quiet once again for the british isles and france. there is a low-pressure system down he down here. the storm just arriving over the atlantic. that'll arrive on thursday. lots of snow here across the northern tier of the continue tent. it is light. down towards the south over the balkans and heading into turkey, there will be upper-elevation snow, rain, and thunderstorms for you. here are your temperatures. we have 0 in stockholm. minus 7 in moscow. towards the south, some temperatures in the lower teens. athens, 13 for you. 15 even in lisbon. here's your extended forecast. >>> we're back in 30 minutes
Feb 12, 2013 4:30am EST
casino won't have to get out of bed to gamble. the hotel in atlantic city will be the first casino if the u.s. to let guests gamble over the tv in their hotel rooms. pick up the clicker. starting next week, the e- casino program will let players set up electronic accounts and risk up to $2500 a day. you don't even have to get out of bed. >> oh, man. >> can you afford the room rate after that if you blow it. >> is gambling that strenuous to begin with that you can't get out of bed and go downstairs? >> i don't want to say anymore. >> lips are sealed. >> lips are sealed. >> brutal. >>> 4:42. still ahead, maryland lawmakers are getting ready to start a debate that could save some children's lives across the state. we'll explain. >>> if you cross a certain line, that one, you will be ticketed. some saying new red light cameras in our region are going just too far. >> wusa9 returns in two minutes with those stories and of course your weather first. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. welcome back to wusa9. coming up on 4:45 this tuesday morning. a great day in our neighborhoods. >> it's
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
. this is the chuck brown memorial atlantic >>> tonight at 8:00 it's the 90 minute premier of the 26th season. survivor hits fans versus favorites. d.c. contestants john cochran and laura alexander will be part of it all. >>> today is ash wednesday. with that pope benedict the 16th delivered his final public mass. catholics packed st. peter's pa silica to get one last look at the -- basilica to get one last look at the retiring pontiff. thousands gave him a standing ovation at the end of today's services. >>> right now the st. george's episcopal church is offering ashes at the virginia square metro plaza in arlington as part of the church's ashes to go program. church officials were out there this morning as well offering ashes to anyone who wanted them. >>> he is the young boy whose story has gripped the country. >> for six long days ethan kirkland was held hostage in an underground bunker. a short time ago right here on wusa9 ethan and his mom spoke with dr. phil. >> heard that he had been rescued, how did they tell you? what did they say? >> i was outside the church and they kept te
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
the mid- atlantic. fast mover, doesn't tap the gulf of mexico or atlantic, not a lot of moisture, but a dusting is possible tomorrow night. so we made saturday a yellow alert day because of that. a lot of folks are out and about saturday night. we could see slick spots. tonight the headline is wind chills, 0 to 10 above, more snow showers tomorrow, a better chance tomorrow night, a dusting to an inch possible and a second system comes sunday, more snow showers possible late sunday and sunday evening and a third comes at us monday night. tonight, though, 12 to 22, clear to partly cloudy, very cold, winds at least calmed down west southwest 5 to 10. by morning fading sunshine, clouds on the increase and cold. you'll need a heavy coat, teens and 20s to start. by afternoon mostly cloudy, cold, late snow shower possible, winds out of the southwest at 10, better chance for snow showers saturday night. the next three days 9 weather alert yellow tomorrow, 33 late snow showers. we'll keep sunday green for now, evening snow shower 38, should not affect you getting to and from super bowl pa
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm EST
moving into the cold over the mid atlantic and the northeast. this will become the main part of the storm system and that will intensify after passes us off the mid-atlantic coast. winter weather visors are up in western maryland, all the way across the ohio valley winters storm warn reiskin -- warnings continued in the midwest. the good news for us is that the precipitation looks like it will be light in to 10:00 tomorrow evening. when it picks up in intensity, it should be mostly rain and will pull out of the area saturday afternoon. we could get a mixture of snow, sleet, and some patchy areas of freezing rain in the colder northern suburbs. plan on some extra time for tomorrow evening's rush hour or if you happen to be traveling to all night. the best time frame for that messy mixture is from 2:00 in the afternoon until about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. a wintry mix in amounts as well and they make it more freezing rain. the farther north you go on the eastern shore the more of a wintry mix you will get. it should pull out of the area by saturday afternoon. temperatures below no
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
than it will affect us here in the mid atlantic region and in the mid atlantic will affect area east of the bay and should taper off tonight. coming in behind it, a rush of very cold air and difference of pressure between the lows and highs will cause some windy conditions, so even though we expect highs tomorrow to be, you know, in the 30's, it won't feel like it and will feel much colder, 25-29 the low, mostly cloudy skies with a flury or two. north west winds at 7-12 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, the tulare temperature will be in the mid 30's on average but with those winds gusting over 20 and possibly up around 30 or so, it will feel like the teens to around 20. wind and snow showers along with those clouds, the mix of clouds and sun so it won't be a totally overcast day but we could see snow showers, just a dustup, nothing more than that, maybe just flurries. small craft advisories on the bay. it's a three-foot chop on the open waters of the bay. the insta-weather futurecast, this is spinning here and pushing snow against us. the eastern portions of new england get it
Feb 22, 2013 2:00am PST
adrift in the atlantic ocean after cables snapped twice while it was being towed from canada to the dominican republic. the ghost ship has no power or lights, making it a threat to other vessels. the ship's owner is in talks with salvage companies to low ate and retrieve it. >>> and meet the number one deadbeat dad in america. he pled guilty in u.s. district court to owing more than $1.2 million to three children from two failed marriages. >>> and speaking of money, we'll see if stocks break their slump heading into the weekend. today, keep an eye on hewlett-packard. the struggling pc maker topped expectations last night. aig's stock also rallied after hours thanks to better than expected earnings. the tax code gave, and the tax code took away. fourth quarter earnings were up at walmart thanks to corporate tax credits. but delayed refunds took a toll on its bottom line. a troubling two-year study finds a staggering third of seafood in grocery stores and restaurants is mislabeled. snapper and tuna were cited as the biggest culprits. >>> united airlines says the dreamliners won't fly
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
pile was driven this morning. the iconic roller coaster that was knocked into the atlantic is still in the atlantic along with the casino pier, other rides and debris. the owner of that pier says he plans to reopen by summer. >> i read today they signed the contract for the salvage company that's going to get that roller coaster out of the ocean. >> wonder what they'll do with it? >> i don't know. they said there's a heck of a lot more under the water that you don't see. >>> what's going on this weekend with the snow? >> a little snow for us, i think more so just a few snow showers. the only thing i was surprised by tonight, not a big surprise, won't be a big deal, i didn't get any surprises with this storm tomorrow, but i did get a little surprise. one of our models is trying to paint a little snow around here sunday simply because super cold air is coming in and we have a little disturbance moving through. that may bring more snow showers sunday. that's a slight little change. we had flurries in but maybe a little more than that in some cases. look at. this high today 60, dulles 5
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
together over the middle atlantic and then offshore to really strengthen off the new england coast line and dump heavy snowfall on them. the first system off to the midsection of the country. the southern system is over the gulf of mexico and the florida coastline. these two are merging. the upper level components are merging over the mid-atlantic and off our coastline. as they move north it will quickly identify and strengthen and have the biggest impact on new england. it's a very similar situation as to what happened here to three years ago exactly with snowmageddon. dulles airport had about 33 inches of snow from the first round of snowmageddon. peers are predicted snowfall. basically along the mason-dixon line some folks in southern pennsylvania could see four inches of snow. new york city, may be 11 inches. look at this. western massachusetts, that's where the computer models are giving over 30 inches of snow possibly from this system. this is just one run of our computer model. it's not the only computer model that is indicating the possibility of 300 more inches of snow aro
Feb 26, 2013 5:00pm EST
, again, for the mid-atlantic states primarily a rain situation and also a windy situation. don't forget to download the weather app. you can look at the radar in real time to see when the rain will end in your neighborhood. temperatures running safely before freezing. as we look at the winds being drawn into the system, pretty steady and gusty out of the east. one of the reasons we do have isolated flooding concerns along the chess is a book on the western shore with the steady gusty easterly winds pushing it on to the western shore and, in fact, at the peak high tide that's where there could be some localized flooding, especially in the sensitive areas. big broad brush of precipitation. that will continue through mid-nit or so. once we push past 11:00, we'll see clearing from south to north. tomorrow looks like a relatively cloudy day. temperature also come up a bit. we'll seat threat for some light rain showers. not looking for much. we're not going to see a ton of sunshine tomorrow. there is enough mild air poised so this this should wrap into the system. we think at least low 50s to
Feb 28, 2013 2:30am PST
through the mid-atlantic. most of these temperatures are above freezing. that's the big storm as it has weakened significantly. middle of the country, quiet as can be. no big storms. march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. no lion to be found. middle of the country, much cooler. no big storms to deal with. the next storm, possible winter storm, winter event will be as we go through sunday into monday, that white stripe, that could potentially be a snow event, maybe heading to the mid-atlantic. middle of next week. it looks like we get a quiet weekend. mark? >> bill, thanks so much. >>> all right, now a look at some sports. a major nfl trade. the 49ers have agreed to send quarterback alex smith to the chiefs for a conditional first-round pick next year. smith's departure has been rumored for a while. since the former number one pick lost his starting job to colin kaepernick midway through the season. smith's arrival means that matt cassel is likely going to be released from the team even though he has two years and over $16 million left. on the extension he signed back in 200
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
. there is a bipartisan support to raise the speed limits to 70. triple a and mid atlantic has not taken a position on the measure. maryland state police opposed raising the speed lead -- the speed limit in the 1990's. >> if you saw the movie "silver playbook," you know robert deniro plays a superstitious character. that led to an interesting family. >> meet this howard county family of four with some serious game day rituals. >> it starts with a rigid game time positions. mom is with her lap top here. the son is on the cows. the doctor must be here. -- the daughtert must be here. >> is anyone allowed to wash with the? >> no. >> even have a rule about the toilet. >> you have to hold it. >> these are the game day jersey's. >> i will wear rice at each game and i wash my clothes. >> all of this began with a 11- year-old ryan. >> he found this winning streak when he eighth -- he ate certain roll.s >> things have progressed from rolls to donuts. i thought i would help. >> how did i did? >> no. no. are in the order. >> this is all wrong? >> all wrong. >> don't judge them. don't we all ha
Feb 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
, atlantic aviation put a bid in but was rejected based on a, quote, incomplete application. atlantic claims its bids is more lucrative than google's and asked the city council to reconsider. >>> still to come at 6:00 -- >> harnessing the wind, how a bay area landmark is using mother nature for power. >>> speaking of mother nature, she cooked up some beautiful weather today, didn't she, across the bay area. but don't get too used it, rob mayeda has the details on a major change in the forecast. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
latest developments with that storm for us. paul. >> allen, big time snow fall from atlantic city to cape cod including boston. live picture in boston right now where winds are gusting at 40-mile-per-hour and snow coming down heavily and we have a blizzard and blizzard warnings in effect. here's a look at the storm. it's a huge strong low pressure area passing just to the south of the east coast passing just to the east of atlantic city. that means all the cold air is getting dragged down from canada but all the moisture is piling in from the atlanta. the i-95 corridor heavily traveled, philadelphia, new york, hartford, providence, boston, all going to see more than a foot of snow. the heaviest snow along the i- 95 corridor and i just saw a report of thundersnow being reported in providence. the big-time problems there of course getting in and out of there will be a huge problem especially when it comes to planes. roberta gonzales is at sfo with details on the flights. >> reporter: more than 60 flights were canceled here at sfo due to that potentially historic blizzard that's conv
Feb 14, 2013 5:30am EST
morning. >> exact -- delay this morning. >> exactly. and it's off into the atlantic as of now but also because of the fog. we have patchy fog out the there this morning that will decrease as we get the northwesterly winds filtering in that's going to dry the air out. and as that sunrises things will start to improve. but as the kids head off the school today. they can expect that fog to be out there. temperature coming in at 33 degrees and by this afternoon, we'll see much more sunshine with that high coming in at 47. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. well, we are dealing with many accidents trouble in anne arundel county where there's a crash right now along the northbound lanes of 97 just passing route 32. and another accident westbound route 100 at telegraph road. and more problems on 695 where there's an accident on the outer loop at richie highway. in harford county, we have a crash near route 24 and another in edgewood along the westbound lanes of route 40 at edgewood road. but fortunately in the are
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
may be another one forming on that front as it moves through the mid atlantic and hits the warm waters of the atlantic just off the coast. partly cloudy through the afternoon. it will be a mild day tomorrow with highs in the duty's. as the low pressure develops, this back of rain and snow is developing tomorrow night into saturday morning. there may be some accumulating snow during the day saturday as it moves at to see in the cold air ports in. there may be some flurries coming in across the mountains. definitely a change in the weather as we get into the weekend. tomorrow, 48-53 and the rain and snow holds off until late afternoon or even toward sunset or beyond. the best chance for snow accumulation would be late friday night into saturday morning. waves averaging about 1 foot on the bay. a mild day tomorrow, sharply colder with some snow on saturday. flurries on sunday and sunny skies but still chilly on monday. >> a growing extent across europe as horse meat is detected in grocery stores. >> national health officials released their first report on released their first repor
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